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The Space Between

My approach to therapy is all about finding the space between. In Mindfulness it’s the space between breaths and the space between thought and action. In the Transpersonal approach its all about the space between the physical and spiritual worlds. First, we must discover these spaces and then we can dwell there in absolute equanimity.

First, we find the space between breaths. It is where meditation begins. Meditation is not about emptying the mind to a blank slate, but finding the spaces between breaths and thoughts that already exist and enjoying those moments. These little gaps widen, and we form new neural pathways, neurons that fire together wire together. When we get these neurons in sync with these little spaces healing begins and fills the gap.

Then comes the space between thought and action. Learning to mindfully respond instead of quickly reacting to a stimulus. Finding that space, that little break between stimulus and response opens an entire new world of possible decisions we can make in the moment which give us the power to mindfully change our lives instead of living in guttural programed reactions.

The space between the physical world and the spiritual world is a space we all navigate and instead of trying to widen the gap with like with other aspects of mindfulness we shrink it. Linking the two worlds until the vail is so thin that wonders can be experienced in day-to-day phenomenon. Eating an orange can become a moment of pure bliss when completely in the moment and not focused on anything else. We all have a connection to the sublime if we take the time and find the space to invite it in.

The littlest space between the tiniest of moments can be life altering once we realize we have the power to determine how we relate to those moments. How we think and feel about these moments is under our control. How we live our lives after these moments is all determined in those little spaces.

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